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‘Das Kuratierte Kunstkabinett  (curated by StudioK3) / Kunstmuseum Olten (Olten) / group exhibition / from November 28th

‘O Sole Mio’ / Parasol Unit (London) / group exhibition and publication online / from April 2020

‘Artists in Isolation’ / Studio K3 (Zurich) / online group exhibition / from March 2020


*1975, lives and works in London and Zurich

email me: martinavonmeyenburg@gmx.ch

representative: www.frederiquehutter.ch

studios: London www.lightfactoryworkshops.co.uk and Zurich www.schafferei.com


personal statement

I am drawn to the idea of objects having a sort of soul – one that can be traced by examining the usage, context and mere presence of an object in time and space. Used objects and materials not only bare traces of past (hi)stories but also the potential of unlocking memories and inherent associations.

In my work, I place these traced materials and (often everyday) items out of context, playing with their tactility and symbolism in order to create a new narrative. Through specific compositions and orchestrations my objects are (re)assembled into artworks ranging from small scale works to room filling installations.

I am particularly interested in experimenting with opposing characteristics, setting them in direct confrontation. It is on the boundaries or borders where differences or similarities become visible and thus stir thoughts and ideas.

The corresponding titles play an equally important role and aim to enhance, complement or contradict the work itself thus once more playing with its boundaries and juxtapositions.

Although my sculptures and installations lie at the core of my practice I regularly “collect” traces and inspirations through photography and I visualise and source ideas through and within my drawings and other works on paper.

The following description of the room filling artwork ‘A string of straddled scissors’ may serve as an example for the statement above.

The artwork ‘A string of straddled scissors’ is made up of scissors, all straddled, tied together, end to end, forming a long chain or string. The beginning (or the end) of the string is fastened to a hook on the ceiling, allowing the chain to dangle down to the floor, trailing its way through space.

While ‘A string of straddled scissors’ may trigger thoughts on femininity and womanhood it also brings up matters and issues of borders and boundaries. Contradictions and paradoxes are brought to the surface – such as the awareness that without limitations we wouldn’t know what freedom is. The straddling scissors seem to be in conflict with themselves. Lying there on a string (open and straddled) they appear to be on the verge of cutting themselves loose into freedom; or rather into isolation? Inclusion or exclusion? Limitation or liberation? It is often at their edge where things become distinct; where sweet is distinguished from sour, soft from solid, old from new

It is exploring such boundaries and juxtapositions, playing with the inherent characteristics and personalities of objects and materials within time and space as well as “sculpting” the corresponding title out of words, which lies at the core of my practice.     Martina von Meyenburg




‘Das Kuratierte Kunstkabinett (‘The Art Cabinet’ by StudioK3), group show, Kunstmuseum Olten, Olten

‘The Art Cabinet’ group show, Studio K3, Zurich

‘O Sole Mio’ online group show and publication, Parasol Unit, London

‘Artists in Isolation – Exhibition Zero’ online group show, Studio K3, Zurich

‘Curated Andermatt’ group show, curated by Sandra Nedvetskaia, Andermatt, Switzerland


‘Pleasure and Gloom’ solo show, FRÉDÉRIQUE HUTTER art concept, Zurich, Switzerland

‘A Lot or Knot’ solo show, Coleman Project Space, London, UK


‘Das Kabinett im Kabinett’ Clare Goodwin/Martina von Meyenburg, double show, im kabinett visarte zuerich, Zurich, Switzerland

Studio NINE artist residency, Nassau, Bahamas


Museum of The Unwanted’ (an artist curated project by Clare Goodwin), group show, Im Waldhuus, Zurich, Switzerland

‘UNTERTAGE im Waldhuus’ group show, best of visarte zurich, Waldhuus, Zurich, Switzerland

‘LONDON meets ALTDORF’ group show, Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf, Switzerland

‘Alles zur Zeit. Über den Takt, der unser Leben bestimmt’ group show, Vögele Kulturzentrum, Pfäffikon, Switzerland


‘Of Teapots and Other Matters’ solo show, KATZ CONTEMPORARY, Zurich, Switzerland

‘PING POM’ performance collaboration with Mizzo, Manifesta 11 / Cabaret der Künstler, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Switzerland

‘Dall’altra parte’ group show, Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf, Switzerland


‘The Dipping Game’ solo show, KATZ CONTEMPORARY, Zurich, Switzerland


‘Bang! Bang! Tatort Kunst’ group show, Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf, Switzerland

ZKB-Lounge, solo show, Kunst Zürich 12, Zurich, Switzerland


‘Gabi Hamm / Martina von Meyenburg’ double show, KATZ CONTEMPORARY, Zurich, Switzerland


‘Escaping Reality’ – Screens installation (with acoustics by Martin Andersson), Malzfabrik, District Kunstförderung GmbH, Berlin, Germany

‘Location 1.5 – Martina von Meyenburg/Issa Salliander’ double show, Cullen Art Services, Zurich, Switzerland


‘Location 1 – Martina von Meyenburg/Issa Salliander’ double show, Cullen Art Services, London, UK

‘Escaping Reality’ – Screens, BolteLang Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland


Designersblock Milano 2.0/08, Milan, Italy


Handled with Care, group show, Designboom, London, UK



2004 – 2007

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK – BA with distinction in Arts,  Design and Environment; Artefact

2003 – 2004

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK – Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design

1995 – 2001

University of St.Gallen – Graduate School of Business, Economics, Law and Social Sciences, St.Gallen, Switzerland – BA&MA/Lic.oec.HSG in Business